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Saturday, November 13, 2010


it's saturday! 2 more days to say hello to johor bahru! i miss jay bee so much!
cik aied! u hav 1 more paper to sit on monday b4 u say goodbye bangi!
ouhh...bahasa melayu 2...semantik..wacana and psikolinguistik =__=

oppsss..oopsss... cik shanur text me just now and she said:
'Wtf! 2 player kene buang padang dlm 10mins! Suweyh!'
and i was like 'omaigod'!
malaysia! please do sumthing! i hope u'll win...
it's hard..but nothing is imposibble rite?
good luck! i'll always support our national football team...
yes! malaysia boleh! ;)

allrite! gtg! need to find some mood to open bm book :)


1 comment:

Liyana said...

balik cepat! jangan nak terheg-heg lagi kat sane :d